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Trashki Sack-bag

Sack-bag perfect for little and big journeys. Made out of jeans perfectly merged with batik inserts.
Additionally, each sack bag is unique and only one item.
Everyone has different pieces of jeans and a batik, pulled with a string.
Responsibility for this backpack wonder takes Magda of Trashki.

The sack bag was designed and made in Krakow in the spirit of Slow Fashion.

Height: 44 cm
Width: 37 cm

Projekt: Trashki with KOKOworld

This is handmade product made in Cracow from recycled jeans as an outcome of the “Jeans for a better world” action inspired by Fashion Revolution Week.

During the “Jeans for a better world” action we had collected old jeans, had given them to our craftsmen in Cracow and they made magic creating totally new products! As jeans production is enviornment-unfirendly we wanted to give them new life by recycling them! 

On top of it all “Jeans for a better world” works twice – the income of recycled jeans products is going to be donated to Masindi child care home in Uganda.

Read more about the action on our blogJeans for a better world

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